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(Updated August 7, 2006)

I'm taking the liberty here of being a little self-indulgent, showcasing portraits of my family, primarily my grandchildren. I have added off-camera flash capability to my system, using a pair of 550EX flashes, each with a stand and umbrella, triggered by the ST-E2, along with a portable background system. The most recent addition to our family is Bryce, born July 6, 2006. He joins our 6 other grandchildren: Kylie (Nov. 11, 1998), Henry (July 20, 1999), Jake (March 9, 2001), Sophie (August 1, 2001), Eli (Jan. 6, 2004) and Quinn (August 9, 2005). I hope to add some more recent shots; the ones here are getting quite out of date.

The picture below is the most recent group shot, taken at one of my daughter's home in Holly Springs, NC. Given the odds against having everybody (especially the grandchildren) looking in even the same direction, at the same time, let alone smile, I was pretty happy with how this one came out. It was taken with the Canon 1D Mark II and 28-70L/f2.8, with a pair of 550EX flashes placed on furniture nearby, bounced off the ceiling, and triggered by the ST-E2. It was mounted on my tripod, and I used the TC-80N3 to take a series of exposures automatically, at 5 second intervals, hoping that one would come out decent!


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