Technical Information

Last Updated October 23, 2004

My involvement in photography began several decades ago, when I was using a Canon FTb 35mm SLR camera, with a small collection of accessories. This interest was dormant for many years, and reawakened as my enjoyment of computers converged with my prior interest in photography in the form of Digital Photography.

I have added the pages below to my site in order to address some of the technical aspect of photography, especially as it relates to the unique needs of Digital Photography. Ultimately, the quality of one's images depends more on the person behind the camera than the camera itself, but a skilled photographer must have a good working knowledge of their equipment and basic principles in order to translate their artistic vision into an actual photograph.

1. Raw Format Workflow - this page has been completely re-written and updated (April 19, 2004) to reflect substantial changes in the tools available for working with Raw files. Thanks to the advent of Phase One's Capture One DSLR, there is almost no reason not to shoot in Raw Format, and gain the various benefits discussed on this page.

2. Canon Digital Learning Center - a wealth of information on a wide variety of Canon cameras, software, flashes, photography and post-processing techniques, etc. Highly recommended. It includes a new section, authored by Chuck Westfall (Director of Canon's Technical Marketing Department, Camera Division/Consumer Imaging Group), on "Getting the most from your EOS-1 class Digital SLR. Tips and Techniques: Camera Handling & Maximum Image Quality." An excellent summary of the sometimes complex operations of Canon's top of the line 1-Series cameras, including understandable explanations of the various Custom Functions and settings, and with very practical applications to specific types of photography. Click here for this EOS-1 page. (Added October 23, 2004)

3. Digital vs Film - here I address some of the considerations in the often controversial subject of which is "better" - film or digital. (minor update April 19, 2004)

4. Equipment Used - this page includes information on the various lenses and accessories (and as you all know, this list gets longer as time goes on) I'm currently using, along with some links to manufacturers for further information.

5. Printing - one aspect of the Digital Photography revolution is the opportunity to print your own photos at home, giving the photographer control over the entire photographic process, from taking the picture to the final product on paper. This page addresses some of the issues to consider in this regard.(minor update April 19, 2004)

6. ETTL Behavior in the Canon 1D - there are certain idiosyncracies in ETTL behavior in general, which can lead to unexpected results if these issues are not understood. This article explores some of this behavior, including a work-around that can be helpful in obtaining consistent results with Canon's ETTL flashes. (originally posted November 11, 2002)

7. D30 Tips - the Canon D30 was my first digital SLR, purchased in the late fall of 2000. A ground-breaking product, it was a relatively complex instrument, with various idisyncracies. There is a wealth of information available all over the internet on its use. Here, I've attempted to distill some of the core "Tips" on its use, and provide a single, central location to access the most useful information present on the web.


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